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Why IFAs really do need a website

February 1st, 2021

So, you’re an IFA. Do you really need that website?

It’s no secret that financial advisers often obtain new business by way of client recommendations due to a job well done.

So, is a website really necessary?

In today’s market, when an online presence is considered so key by so many – including those all-important new clients – the short answer is: ‘Yes!’

We would say that, right? We are a company that specialises in producing and enhancing websites (among many other things). Sure, it’s in our interest to attract new business – just as it’s in yours to do the same. Yet this is only part of the story.

We know – and can evidence – that IFA websites can have a dramatically positive impact on business when done properly. We have many, many clients who can confirm this.  

Let’s think about how you got to be reading this, right now. You didn’t arrive here by accident. At WEBPRO Adviser, we know our stuff.

You may not have realised we were here until now. If that’s the case, now think about how this could work for you; how you could be reaching out to someone who needs the services you offer, just at the right time.

A website is unquestionably the most valuable marketing tool that an IFA could have. We’ll come onto that in a moment.

Wouldn’t it be great knowing that your business is never closed, even when you aren’t working? That you never need miss an opportunity again?

There is an important caveat here: your website needs to be right for you and your business. It must look right; and it must work effectively.

So, if it’s not just about attracting new clients, what else can a good website do for you? Where to start?

  • Reassure your existing clients. Reflect your professionalism through your site. Give them important information and updates. Show them you are credible.
  • Convince any clients who may be undecided about whether to use you or a competitor that you are the right choice. Give them appropriate facts and statistics that will prove this.
  • With no internet presence, consider how you will be found. With so many people turning to the internet today – and that number continuing to grow – if you are nowhere to be seen, how can you secure the business of those who swear by researching virtually? And what if you are there yet your information is outdated? Or your website’s overall appearance is poor?
  • Done right, you can significantly increase your market share. Give your competitors something to talk about.
  • Venture out. With a global reach, your clients no longer need to live in your area.
  • Make sure your business is known for its professional marketing. Professional marketing denotes a professional approach, generally. Show the world you are a forward-thinking operation; that you are in touch with new technological advancements. This will indicate that you are in touch with new products on the market; that you are innovative.
  • Use your website as an online brochure. This can be used to replace the more traditional printed brochure which makes for a very cost-effective marketing option. And information can be easily – and very quickly – updated, too.
  • Enhance your customer service by providing clients with relevant tools and important information at a glance. You might like to present helpful guidance on different aspects of financial services, such as insurances, investments or pensions. Or you may choose to offer clients their own portal so that they can access information on their own investment funds, for example.
  • Using news bulletins, newsletters, articles or blogs to keep your clients up-to-date with important news shows them that you care about keeping them fully informed on relevant financial matters; and how any changes or new products may affect them or be of benefit to them. Or perhaps you could include a handy FAQ page for their convenience.
  • Your website can give you fantastic opportunities to draw attention to what makes you and your business different. And what’s more: this information will be ready for anyone interested to read at their leisure. This means they won’t feel pressured into anything. They can make their choices based on what they see.

What can you expect from your WEBPRO Adviser website?

The look

Whether you select one of our outstanding customisable template designs or a fully bespoke website, you can be sure that your site will stand out for the extraordinary creation that it is. And for all the right reasons, of course.

Should you choose to use ready-made content, we have frequently updated FCA compliant wording that you are welcome to use.

And if you would like us to acquire graphics or photographs on your behalf, the images we use are always selected carefully. We understand your need to maintain your professional image and we choose only those that complement your brand, are relevant and that are most likely to catch the eye. Of course, if you’d prefer to use your own, unique images, that’s fine too.


When we build your website, we ensure the framework is safe and secure. We make sure that your site is both reader and user friendly and that it looks good and works well on mobile devices.

Popular features and optional extras:

  • testimonial page (nothing builds trust like written confirmation on your excellent service)
  • meet the team page
  • map and contact details that make it super easy for clients to get in touch
  • links to relevant professional bodies and organisations (this also provides reassurance)
  • financial calculators
  • mortgage best buy tables
  • links to social media platforms
  • slideshows and virtual presentations
  • professional photographs
  • videography
  • clients’ own personal log in
  • online marketing

Our website service

We listen. Our expert website developers and graphic designers take on board exactly what you’ll need from your website, whether that is a brand-new site or an improved site that you already own. They will then clarify what you need by asking any necessary questions that you haven’t already answered.

Once your dedicated team is equipped with all the necessary information, they set about creating the ultimate website for you. They work closely together to ensure your needs and objectives are met.

You can relax, knowing that your website is in safe hands. From the moment it goes live, the WEBPRO Adviser team will be on hand to ensure things run smoothly. We provide a one-stop-shop where all your website needs can be addressed.

All our sites go through compliance regularly – as required by your compliance authority – and we make any necessary legislative changes too. For example, GDPR.

Because we understand the need for your site to be working efficiently around the clock, we have a dedicated Support Team ready to solve any issues you might encounter. 

Additional services we offer

At the very heart of WEBPRO Adviser is creativity. This means we are able to assist you with anything from domain names to entire marketing campaigns.

Adept at all things social media, we can help you with your strategy in this area, though it’s not just our online know-how that you can benefit from. If needed, we can devise comprehensive and impressive marketing brochures too, for example.

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