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Content Marketing

Have there been times when your content hasn’t engaged your audience though the search engines have picked it up and it has helped your position in terms of ranking? Or perhaps you’ve crafted some well-worded, informative blogs or articles and you’ve had great feedback from clients however, it has done nothing in terms of moving your business up the rankings? You aren’t alone. So many businesses focus on one or the other: the reader or the rankings.

The good news is that whichever your content has influenced, it has at least influenced. Yet, this is only 50 per cent of what content marketing can do.

Content marketing and search engines

Every individual thing on your website has its part to play in how it is perceived by search engines. Whether it’s worthy of climbing the rankings; and how many visitors it receives. Whether it’s fresh, active, dynamic and relevant. Content matters. We know that.

If your website conveys that it’s authoritative, you are winning.

Any copywriting we undertake on your behalf includes the seamless integration of keywords, written in a way we know the search engines favour. All the while, paying attention to how informative and engaging readers will find what is being said. And we consider how all content will work across your website.

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The team at WebPro IT worked hard to understand my individual needs, and provided useful guidance and advice throughout the development process. I am very pleased with the final result, and would not hesitate in recommending them to other IFAs and Mortgage Brokers looking for a compliant website.

Stephen Iacovou
Abbeygate Financial Planning Ltd


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