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Do you have new IFA services that you’d like to promote? Perhaps you have recently won a financial services award? Or maybe you would like to showcase some of your most significant testimonials in a systematic way that your website visitors will be able to relate to?

Maybe you would simply like to update and strengthen the way your website works? Attract new potential clients by making it more interesting? Encourage your current customers to stay for longer? And show them why you are the perfect choice when it comes to IFAs?

With WEBPRO Adviser’s slideshow services, you can do all this and more.

Benefits of using a slideshow

There are many advantages that using a slideshow brings to a financial adviser business, some of which we’ve already touched on. Because your information is in bite-size pieces, it’s much easier for the user to digest. They can easily go back if they’ve skipped too fast and skip ahead to what they want to see; what initially brought them to your website.  

As you can summarise your financial services concisely, in one small marketing tool, if a visitor is interested in looking through all you have to offer, they can do so quickly and easily.

They’re great for analytics too. You can even track the total number of views or the most popular pages.

Like to inspire visitors as they browse your website? Capture their imagination? We got the picture. Contact our IFA slideshow specialists for information.

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The revenue my website has generated would cover my monthly payments so far for about 4 years! Many thanks for being so creative.

Michelle Singlehurst
Singlehurst Financial Services


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    Adding mortgage best buy tables can add real value to your IFA website and place you ahead of the competition.

  • Financial Calculators

    WEBPRO Adviser offers a wide range of financial calculators which can be added to any website for a small monthly fee.

  • Slideshow

    Adding a slideshow to your IFA website adds interest, gets your message across quickly and easily and can help to keep people on your site for longer.

  • ssl

    Show your financial services clients, and Google, that you value their personal information by adding an SSL certificate to your website.

  • Blogs

    Highlight your expertise in the financial services industry by adding a blog to your IFA website.

  • Live Chat

    Connect with busy financial services clients while they, and you, are on the go.

WEBPRO Adviser’s slideshow and tell displays can get your messages across instantaneously and effectively.
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