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Landing Pages

Do landing pages sound like something you’d read at the airport? Have you heard the term yet not really looked into it to find out more? Or do you already have one yet are unsure of how productively it’s working? Perhaps you know exactly what they are and are interested in getting one?

Maybe you’re about to embark on a marketing or advertising campaign? And you would like to encourage and help your audience to be completely focused? You’d like to reduce other distractions or links for them to click through to?

Landing pages can accommodate this. And WEBPRO Adviser IFA landing pages are particularly special.

When to use a landing page

There are certain occasions when a landing page is the only way to go. For example, it might be that you are running a special promotion – 25% discount off all mortgage advice fees or 5% off all insurances bought within a particular month – and you need a page where those interested can access the offer.

It may be that you’d like to increase your email list of contacts, so you are offering prospective clients a free e-book on how to invest or how to prepare for retirement; of course, they’ll need to sign up to register for this.

Looking to improve your conversion rates? Let WEBPRO Adviser help you with our superb IFA landing page services.

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This is the 4th Business website I have been involved in. WebPro IT have been fantastic in their support along the way – if you like, holding my hand. Initially there were some template issues early on but the support I got in sorting it out was superb and fast. Wherever you go, whoever you use, my experience is there are always stumbling blocks etc in setting up a website, but Camilla was truly amazing and looked after me just fine. The end result is that I have a website to be proud of and the continued support is always there if ever I need it. FIRST CLASS and thank you.

Martin Hawksby
Tingdene Mortgages Ltd


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