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Is your position in the search engine rankings exceedingly important to you? Are you always looking for new ways to make your way to the top? Perhaps there are an abundance of IFAs in your area or that work in your specialist field? And competition is fierce?

Maybe business is booming, and you want to get your name out there as much as you can? You may have plans to expand? Or are things a little on the quiet side and you feel it’s time to make your presence known? Do all you can to maximise online marketing opportunities to pip your closest competitors at the post?

Where to get citations?

The obvious place to get citations from is directories – they are also the best place to start – however, they aren’t the only way. Sure, local or industry-specific directories are great sites to get citations from. Though it’s important not to miss out on other opportunities, as well. For example, social media sites and forums, and so on.

It may help to know that WEBPRO Adviser knows where to look and is familiar with the top directories; so, we can get straight down to work, when you’re ready, saving time and subsequently money. Shall we get cracking now or would you like to know more?

Like to get your contact details online? In the right places? Contact the WEBPRO Adviser team for more information.

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Camilla helped us every step along the way to setting up a website, nothing was too much trouble. She was helpful, efficient and friendly, making the experience as easy as she could for us despite our lack of computer knowhow. We are delighted with the website she has created for us and would highly recommend her to others

Mark Stallard
Onside Financial Management Ltd


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