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Do you need to start embracing technology?

May 3rd, 2022

If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”. This is a well-known phrase that is true in many instances, but when it comes to businesses and new technologies, it might not be the best rule to work by.

There is evidence to suggest that business owners are reluctant to adopt new technologies, which can cost them long-term business growth and success. Is your financial services business spearheading the tech game or hiding from the future?

Why is embracing new technology difficult?

The Harvard Business Review describes the adoption of new technologies within businesses as “less than optimal” and “too slow”. There are numerous reasons suggested for this, including but not limited to a lack of awareness of the technologies available, a worry that it will disturb current business processes and immediate efficiency, costs, and even staff resistance to them due to having to learn new skills to use them.  

If you own a successful financial services business that has been successful for a long time, there appears to be little incentive to embrace new technologies. But this is an excuse rather than a matter of fact. Those new technologies could provide an array of benefits that grow the business, make it more sustainable and even tap into new markets.  

Website technologies for financial businesses 

Your financial services website is an area where new technologies can be easily adopted with little fuss and not damage current processes. In fact, the software and tech can become a hands-off way to optimise your current business process by saving time answering recurring queries.

For example, adding financial calculators, AI live chat features and live social media feeds can provide website visitors with key information without having to make contact. Thus, your staff can spend their time providing more services rather than answering the same queries each week.  

These website technologies are cost-effective compared to the hours your staff may spend answering calls and emails, and they do not require any staff training. They work as standalone tech on your website that requires no input. Everything is automated.

Discover new website tech for financial businesses 

WEBPRO Adviser can provide out-of-the-box website tech and bespoke web technologies to enhance your website and business efficiency. As web developers working exclusively for financial services businesses, we already know what you need and ensure any new software is 100% compliant with regulations. Speak to our friendly developers to uncover further details!

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