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Pay Per Click

Adviser Pro’s PPC service provides a cost effective solution for delivering highly targeted potential customers straight to those areas of your website and those services you are actively marketing.

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    If your PPC efforts are to be truly successful, your business, the marketplace and your website must all be researched thoroughly. An ideally targeted PPC campaign will bring together the Unique Selling Points of the business, will research the most appropriate keywords for the niche or sector and will ensure that the eventual landing page complements both. Without competent research, your PPC campaign is likely to result in an expensive failure. On the other hand, when research is carried out effectively, PPC can be hugely successful.


    Successful PPC results from, among other things, always knowing what is going on. Put it another way, you can’t know what you don’t know. Market trends change, sometimes frequently and your PPC campaign has to adapt accordingly. A regular review of any current campaign is therefore essential. This should be done using expert data. The review should also take into account campaign structure, the objective, the cost and the Return On Investment (ROI) of the campaign, both actual and projected. Suggested improvements should also be included in the report, as well as an indication of how such improvements can be most effectively implemented..


    As stated, market trends can change; but so too can your products and services. Landing pages and whole websites are sometimes “freshened up” or even completely redesigned, the end result being that a visitor lands on a page that no longer matches the existing PPC campaign. When any major change like this occurs, you may have to restructure your PPC model or even build a whole new campaign in order to take account of those changes. If this isn't done correctly, you’ll run the risk of losing money.


    As you can see from everything above, there is a lot involved in running even a single PPC campaign. To get the very best results, however, it is often necessary to run several ‘grouped’ campaigns simultaneously, making the management of your PPC advertising even more complex. PPC management requires that PPC performance is constantly checked. Keywords can be expensive to bid for, especially for high ranking PPC ads and, to make the most from them, capable and experienced PPC management is essential.

  • Improve the campaign ROI

    The fine tuning of PPC campaigns is as much an art as it is a science. Experience is key and whilst today’s automated software can make life easier, it can also complicate things if used incorrectly. For example, keywords matched to broad-type traffic can quickly drain a PPC budget whereas precisely focused and carefully targeted keyword optimisation based on experience can quickly pay for itself. Whilst you can eventually learn to do all this complicated stuff yourself, you may initially spend a lot on getting it wrong. Expert optimisation is usually quicker, more reliable and in the end, better value.

  • Refine with analytics

    Accurately produced, regular PPC reports are vital if any campaign is to be successful. More important still however, is the need for accurate interpretation of all those numbers. A good report should be able to tell you when, where, why, how and how much. Those factors can then be considered and improved upon. As analysing PPC reports can sometimes be extremely difficult and often requires a great deal of experience, it can often be better to get a reporting service to do this for you.


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