How slideshows can add value to your financial services website

November 19, 2014

There are still people following an old-fashioned marketing motto: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). This may sound simplistic in itself, but the lesson is that breaking vital information down into concise points will get a message across in the most efficient manner. Simple, direct messaging is how you communicate the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of a product for the biggest impact. Slideshows and content sliders provide a quick solution that is easy to implement in an existing financial advisor website.

In financial services, clients often have an array of products to choose from, and it’s the IFA’s job to help them make the most informed decision. While you can’t make this choice on their behalf, a slideshow can be used to provide a few key points about each option, and this can be combined with your own unique insight at a later point. By the time someone gets in touch with you for bespoke financial advice, they will already have some background on your products and services, and this can help move them towards making a decision.

Your clients’ decisions are based on a risk-reward judgement of a particular product or service, and content slides provide the ideal environment for displaying a prepared list of the pros and cons for easy comparison. Modern software allows professionals to incorporate graphics, text, statistics, tables and other multimedia-rich features, and it is always possible for presentations to be informative without suffering from something known as “death by PowerPoint” - when presenters sloosh together every type of animation to create an unsettling mess of text and graphics.

Of course, you may already have certain products you’re looking to promote over others. A slideshow gives priority to your top financial services with dedicated images, and with that kind of immersive content, you can seize the viewer’s undivided attention. An important advantage of slideshows over static content is that they offer your clients the chance to view continuous information without being distracted.

Overall, slideshows provide the perfect combination of concise communication while also giving you the chance to evoke emotions. It allows you to combine a series of words and images in a way that communicates the right message to your clients, giving you the precise positioning you want in relation to your competitors, helping your clients identify with you over other financial advisors.

Slideshows also improve the usability and accessibility of your website. Nobody really wants to trawl through a whole website of content to find the most important details, and a slideshow will save the user a lot of time. If you consider the journey from the initial site loading to making an enquiry, providing the client with quick access to your USPs followed by your contact details or an enquiry form creates a huge shortcut compared to reading three or four pages worth of content before finally making the decision to get in touch.

If you’re already used to creating slideshow presentations, you can easily transfer these communication skills online – it’s even possible to import the content directly to slides for your existing website. Being able to engage with your users remotely is highly useful when dealing with long-distance business relationships, and online content sliders and slideshows work well in conjunction with other modern communications technology. This type of website feature will always bridge some of the gap between simple website engagement and a face-to-face financial services consultation.


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