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  • Why IFAs should bother blogging

    December 12, 2014
    Most digital marketers will tell you that blogging is an absolute necessity. It’s the most powerful way, they’ll argue, to communicate your company’s mission and values, to engage your clients and attract new ones online. While it’s true that blogging can be an effective way to do all that for any independent
  • How financial advisors can build client relationships using social media

    November 27, 2014
    For financial advisors looking to build relationships with existing clients and attract new ones, social media is an increasingly useful tool for reaching out and engaging with people. It can make a tangible, concrete difference to your business. So how should financial advisors leverage the shifting media
  • How slideshows can add value to your financial services website

    November 19, 2014
    There are still people following an old-fashioned marketing motto: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). This may sound simplistic in itself, but the lesson is that breaking vital information down into concise points will get a message across in the most efficient manner. Simple, direct messaging is how you communicate the
  • 10 best free apps for financial advisors

    October 23, 2014
    If you’re an independent financial advisor, you’re no doubt aware of how large the apps market has become for all types of businesses. You may be wondering how apps can add value to your business, and help you to reach and engage with your clients more effectively. With the sheer volume of apps on the market, it
  • Search engine optimisation and effective marketing

    March 15, 2014
    Search engine optimisation (SEO) has quickly become one the most effective online marketing tools, increasing business for companies and improving their brand visibility online. If a company relies on their website for business, it will at some point need to consider SEO as part of their overall marketing. Search


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